1. cardiovascular-disease said: who cried´? is it your sound? i would love to have it :) lovely greetings to y o u.

    sound effects darling xx


  2. ETSY lamp

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  4. body-of-bugs:

    6335 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY from my Sadbbydolls shop!

    I’m looking for a way to promote my shop and thought why not here as so many earth angels follow me!!!

    The winner will receive: 
    One of my handmade sad bby doll ring/real butterfly wing, doll hair mixed with my own human hair, dried wild flowers glass pendant necklaces which would come to £46.00, a teeny paper doily drawing, a little letter and I’ll put in a silly personalized poem thingy for you and maybe a few other little surprises. 


    -Must be following me here and here I will be checking <3

    -No giveaway blogs please

    -Reblogs count but likes do not, feel free to reblog as much as you want!

    -Must have your ask box open and be willing to give me your address to send gifts to

    -Must reply within 24 hours or I’ll pick someone else

    -The winner will be selected randomly

    ENDS JULY 31st, GOOD LUCK, darklins!


  5. i will die in this dress 


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  9. mignonette:

    Ménilmontant - 1926


  10. a little of what im wearing, i have platform white shoes and yellow and white frill socks but forgot to take pictures xxxxxxxxx