1. Anonymous said: you are such a sweet girl, thank you for appreciating life and being so nice I wish I was your friend in person :(

    oh goodness i am not nice but anyway thank you for these kind words they do not fade i just forget to remember them i will try harder to let these in instead of horrible mean words xxxx


  2. Anonymous said: You're an idiot please kill yourself

    lol u must be sad and lonely i shall not be mean to you you need a hand is all to hold 


  3. ozu-teapot:

    Viy - Konstantin Ershov, Georgi Kropachyov - 1967

    Natalya Varley


  4. phoebe  love youuuuuuuu so much 


  5. not been good but am alive i pray to all the stars SCREAM to them that i am thankful for that 




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  9. body-of-bugs:

    I want to be your baby I am sad



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